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Raincoat for Women – Ladies Rainy Day Fashion

Raincoat for women is fantastic waterproof yet fashionable garment that is designed to protect your body from becoming soaked or wet during particularly rainy weather.

ILSE JACOBSEN Women's Asymmetrical Zip Raincoat with Hood
ILSE JACOBSEN Women’s Asymmetrical Zip Raincoat with Hood

These coats are commonly made of various breathable fabrics that include tyvek, gore-tex, before being coated with nylon; which allows for sufficient airflow within the garment. This prevents you from getting too hot and avoids any unsightly perspiration. There are countless designer raincoats currently available on the market that are made of these fabrics, which contain unique waterproofing material that prevents the rain from seeping and soaking in through the coat; whereas plastic or rubber only repel rain water.

Ladies who are searching for particular raincoat for women that is specifically tailored and is practical can find an abundance of great designs, shapes and sizes in many high street stores; especially around this time of year. Nevertheless many buyers prefer to search online for specific designer raincoats which often proves to be far easier. When opting to purchase a raincoat from an online retailer, buyers should be prepared to consider the wide variety of types, features, and how they will fit when worn.

Types of Raincoat for Women

There is an abundance of different types of raincoats for women that range in material and length. The level of warmth each coat or jacket can offer varies and should be selected accordingly to match the season that you plan on wearing your coat. For example a lightweight jacket may be ideal for a typical summer as only little amount of warmth is required during the odd summer rainy spell. Selecting the right type usually boils down to personal taste, although it could be very beneficial to consider what you primarily intend to use the garment for.

Plastic or Clear Raincoat

Plastic or a clear raincoat can usually be less expensive than the variety of cloth designs. Nevertheless, they are known to cause the wearer’s body to perspire.
RED Valentino Birds Printed Trench Coat
RED VALENTINO Birds Printed Trench Coat: Buy Here

In order to help prevent this unsightly occurrence from happening, a majority of manufacturers have designed a style of plastic raincoat that houses zips near the underarm, sadly clear raincoats don’t offer this feature. This added zip helps to keep your underarm area ventilated. A majority of plastic raincoats come with an inner lining to provide warmth and comfort.

Parka Raincoats for Women

Cole Haan Essential Quilt Hooded Parka (Black) Women's Coat
Cole Haan Essential Quilt Hooded Parka (Black) Women’s Coat

You’ll be protected in style with this Cole Haan hooded parka. Quilted parka with a slight fit-and-flare cut creates a feminine silhouette. Offers light protection from the elements. Quilted cotton-nylon fabric for a luxurious look. Parkas, also known as anoraks, are robust, heavy, waterproof coats. They provide incredible warmth, and due to this, they are generally appropriate for colder climates or months. This particular style of raincoat has a hood attached and may also come with a drawstring style waist. Parkas are more commonly found to be hip or waist length, and some are even lined with faux (or sometimes even natural) fur. These designer raincoats may also be padded inside with a type of down fibers or other natural or man made material for added warmth and insulation. This style of raincoat is noted for its large pockets, which are great for providing extra warmth to delicate hands.

Trench Coats for Women

Fashionable trench coats for women were originally created by Aquascutum and Burberry. Burberry is known to have invented gabardine, which is a material that can successfully repel water, while also granting the wearers body to breathe.

Burberry Prorsum Long Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat
Burberry Prorsum Long Cotton Gabardine Trench Coat: SHOP NOW

LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Skirted Women’s Trench Coat
LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Skirted Women's Trench Coat
LAUREN by Ralph Lauren Skirted Women’s Trench Coat: CLICK HERE

The trench coat is known to come with a feature that is known as a storm flap, which can be located across the shoulders. It resembles military-style epaulets, along with sturdy buckled straps that can be located on the wrists to allow for much needed protection from the rain and provides warmth to the arms. Trench coats usually come with a removable zip lining. Burberry’s trench coats gained incredible popularity in earlier centuries and even became part of the British military uniform during both World Wars.

Trench coats for women especially, have remained as a popular fashion garment over the years and are more commonly suited for milder temperatures. Various Raincoats for women, certainly modern trench’s are made by a wide variety of manufacturers, although Burberry seems to remain as the leading designer. Trench coats are extremely versatile and can be worn with formal or casual wear. They are more commonly found made out of gabardine, which is both considerably dense and durable. Trench coats usually come with a wide collar, a self-tie belt and buttons. They are available in both long and short in length. Shorter styles allow for better movement and are best suited for women who perhaps lead an active lifestyle; longer styles however provide better coverage of your legs and additional warmth; let’s not forget to mention that are great for protecting against icy winds.

Rubber Raincoat for Women


The first raincoat manufactured was known as the Macintosh. It was originally patented by Charles Macintosh back in 1822. It was primarily made of a type of waterproof rubber fabric and came with an attached hood. To prevent water damaging the coats seams, Macintosh protected them from becoming saturated by waterproofing them too! The raincoat proved to successfully keep the wearer dry. Nevertheless, it retained considerable amounts of body heat. To help prevent perspiration, metal eyelets were soon added to the underarm arms of the coat to allow for ventilation.

stutterheim rubber raincoat
Stutterheim Rubber Raincoat: CLICK HERE

Rubber raincoats are still readily available and come in a wide selection of colors. Most have snap fasteners or a zip to keep the coat closed. A majority also come with two considerably large pockets. Probably the best rubber raincoat for women is Stutterheim rubberized raincoat.

Rain Jackets for Women

Dale of Norway Norefjell Feminine Rain Jacket for Women

Dale of Norway Norefjell Feminine Jacket (Black/Sand/Off White) Women’s Coat

Rain jackets for women come in a wide variety of different styles, weights, lengths, and of course, colours. Most designer raincoats can be found in dull or bright block colors. It’s not unusual to discover a clear raincoat style – if color isn’t your thing. Nevertheless designs and patterns are becoming incredibly popular as we head into 2015. Raincoats usually come with snap fasteners or a zip that run up front, which is commonly covered by a protective flap. SÖDERMALM BLACK The Södermalm Black Biker Jacket is the Stutterheim take on the classic biker model. Handmade in our iconic rubberized cotton, unlined and with welded seams, this short jacket comes in pitch black with silver zippers and dark metal buttons. Free shipping Worldwide
Rain Jacket for Women-Södermalm Black

Rain Jacket for Women-Södermalm Black: SHOP NOW

So why not fight the frosty winter winds, the autumns abundance of rainy weather, springs seasonal shower or just look stylish for summer. With all seasons covered, raincoats and trenches are a must for any wardrobe. They may not make the rain anymore enjoyable, but you’ll be guaranteed to look good no matter where you’re heading.

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Cute Raincoats

After those four basic and most common types of raincoats, trench, raincoat, parka and jacket, one of the most common searches, when it comes to women, is cute raincoats for women. We can also divided those on cute raincoats with hood or hooded, and those ones without the hood. They can also be a lightweight raincoats that are suitable for the spring or early summer, when light rain and a fresh breeze is the worst that can happen when you decide to spend your time outdoor. They are cute and adorable only because their pattern and design. Mostly lightweight, cute raincoats are usually available in every imaginable color. Stripes, dots, polka dots, leopard print or bird print and so on and so on. Women’s desire to buy that kind of outerwear is the reason why almost every respectable raincoat designer have their own line of cute raincoats for women. You can easily navigate through “Raincoat for Women” website only by typing the search term “cute” in the search box and you will be presented with various cute raincoats for ladies.

Polka Dot Raincoats

Leopard Print Raincoats

We will be adding more raincoats for women in the future..