Clear Raincoat

Clear Raincoat

Clear Raincoat

A Clear raincoat is traditionally known for being an article of clothing used primarily for the wet weather outdoors and primarily are found in clear designs rather than block colors or fancy designs. Raincoats are equally as popular as trench coats for women and serve an almost identical purpose.
Clear plastic raincoats are fashioned and manufactured specifically to resist and repel water, with some rain jackets for women and men being entirely waterproof. Most modern clear raincoats can be made from many different breathable, lightweight materials such as vinyl.

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Clear vinyl raincoat styles are far less bulky, inefficient and uncomfortable in comparison to their earlier counterparts. Clear raincoat with hood and zip-up styles have been proven to be incredibly popular for many decades, it’s interesting to think where this particular concept of a water resistant garment originally came from.

Raincoats are made from a particular type of fabric that is specially fashioned to keep the wearer dry if they are ever caught out in rainy weather.
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Raincoats are traditionally made from woven fabric that is tightly nestled together in order to keep out water. The fabric used a unique blend of fibers which include natural fibers, for instance wool, and also synthetic fabrics such as nylon. Rain gear has a very rich past and interesting history that is incredibly documented and can be traced as far back as Ancient China.


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Raincoats and Ancient China

For countless centuries individuals have been able to produce clothing which can be used to protect themselves from the elements, especially the rain. One of the most documented and earliest forms of clothing that was designed for the sole purpose of protecting its wearer from the rain was produced in Ancient China. The initially started out life as straw or grass capes that would be draped over the wearer’s shoulders in an attempt to keep them dry. Typically laborers such as farmers would be seen wearing the ‘rain capes’ while working in the fields during rainy months. Rain cloaks certainly proved to be successful and did a great job of protecting farmers from the elements. Nevertheless, the design was incredibly heavy and didn’t offer much flexibility. As time went on, new methods were adopted to produce functioning raincoats, such as oil that was rubbed on fabric such as silk to help repel the rain.

The Macintosh


The 19th century was revolutionized when it came to outdoor clothing when Charles Macintosh first produced a unique method in combining and treating fabrics. The result would be a rubber like substance that lead to be the first raincoat design that we’re most familiar with today. Macintosh’s process was later patented in 1823.

Woolen Raincoats
Since Macintosh’s great breakthrough rainwear was continually being improved on. This meant the garment would provide the wearer more breathability and flexibility. Americans soon introduced a unique technique that provided greater amounts of water resistance by chemically treating wool. Wool raincoats were born!

The Modern Raincoat
As we all know, raincoats today are easily available and come in a wide variety of colors, designs and styles. With some old traditional methods still used today to produce raincoats primarily you’ll find plastic, microfiber, nylon Gore-Tex plus other high-tech materials.

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