Elegant Raincoats for Women

Elegant raincoats are always been essentials in every elegant women’s fashion closet. It is easy to maintain Ladies look, if you wear a stylish raincoats. It really doesn’t matter are you a corporate women or more household oriented, or both at the same time. It is necessity these days to have at least one elegant raincoat prepared for the rainy season. That way it is easier to go out and do your every day tasks and look good at the same time with just one quality piece of wardrobe. When the weather gets really nasty with strong winds and rain and it is impossible to use umbrella, elegant hooded raincoat might save your day.

Elegant Raincoats for Women

London Fog Women’s Single Breasted Hooded Raincoat
London Fog Women's Single Breasted Hooded Raincoat
Elegant London Fog Women’s Single Breasted Raincoat: BUY HERE

It will protect you from the elements and at the same time it will not ruin your mobility and style. With perfect balance between comfort and style there are so many choices if you want to buy an elegant ladies raincoat. You just need to know what are you looking for.

Women’s Elegant Raincoats Styles

With so many options and raincoat designers in the market, sometimes is really hard to choose elegant raincoats. The term “raincoat” has such a wide meaning. Everything started with the plain rubber raincoat but very soon that situation has changed. When Macintosh invented the new waterproof fabric which was basically cotton and rubber connected together, the raincoat market simply exploded.

Elegant Trench Coat
Elegant trench coat has its roots that are going back to WW2. The trench coat was originally a coat that was made for the British soldiers. Even today it didn’t changed significantly. Designed like double breasted long coat, with military details such as epaulets, buckled wrist straps, back yoke and D ring belt, trench became one of the most recognizable and most stylish raincoats ever. For both genders.

Modern Trench Coat for Ladies
A trim fit and scaled-down proportions give a classic trench silhouette a feminine, modern update. Tailored in refined twill coated for water resistance, this slimming, mid-length design is finished with faux horn buttons, leather-covered buckles and a signature lining.
COACH Modern Trench Coat
COACH Modern Trench Coat for Women: BUY HERE

The most popular trench coats are the ones from Burberry London. The founder, Thomas Burberry start the production of the trench coats that was made from “gabardine”, a special waterproof material still in the use today. Have to mention that Ladies trench coat can also be a single breasted with all of the above characteristics.

Pea Coats for Women
Pea Coats for Women are very similar to the trench coats in their design. Mostly made from wool, those elegant coats for women are not waterproof. Nevertheless this type of coat can protect you from the wind and cold. Originally made as a jackets for sailors, pea coats also had their roots in the military design, as trench coats does. Unbelievable popularity of those heavy woolen coats comes from their ability to be wear with almost anything.
Double Breasted Peacoat
Nicole Miller Ladies Double Breasted Peacoat: BUY HERE
You can pair them with your favorite jeans, leggings or elegant slacks. Nice pair of leather or rubber boots, flats or even a high heels can easily be combined with the Pea coat in order to make a stylish statement. Pea coats for women can make nearly any Ladies outfit look elegant. Their characteristics are double-breasted front with large oversized buttons, pockets designed as a simple vertical slashes on both sides and the large broad lapels.

Long Coats for Women
To be protected from the elements you need just one essential layer, and that is coat. And what if that one layer can make you always look hot and keep you warm at the same time. Long Coats for Women comes in great variety of designs and fabrics. Reflect your style by choosing the best looking women’s long coat!

Gucci Ladies Long Double-Breasted Wool Coat
This beautiful coat is decorated with leather buttons and leather details on the shoulders.

Gucci Long Coats for Women
Gucci Long Double-Breasted Wool Coat: BUY HERE

Givenchy Elegant Coat for Ladies
Givenchy double-breasted Peplum coat in stretch-wool

Givenchy Elegant Coat for Ladies
Givenchy Elegant Women’s Coat: BUY HERE

Leather Coats for Women
If there is a one single piece of outerwear that can make you look stunning for every occasion, than this is a leather coat. Coat made from leather can be very attractive especially if it’s long and has that elegant line.

Leather Coats for Women
BGSD Women’s “Amber” New Zealand Lambskin Leather Walking Coat: BUY HERE

Leather Jackets for Women
Not particularly a raincoat, jacket is one of the most wearable and fashionable items when it comes to protection from wind and cold weather. Jackets that are constructed from premium parts of leather can be very expensive. If they are signed by the best fashion designers than price can go up to heaven. Gucci Leather jackets for women are extremely expensive and elegant.

Gucci leather jacket with zip fastening and embellished crystals on the collar, shoulders and front
Gucci Leather Jacket for Women
Gucci Women’s Leather Jacket: BUY HERE

On the other hand, that type of outerwear for Ladies is timeless and high quality, meaning that if you pick the classic cut jacket you can have it and wear it for the lifetime.

Elegant Long Women’s Rubber Raincoat

The Stockholm Long raincoat quotes Alexander Stutterheim’s grandfather’s original raincoat, but is a 30 cm longer version of the classic Stockholm model. It also has a slightly wider cut and comes with snap closures and drawstrings. Using the finest craftsmanship, materials and details, our raincoats have undergone severe testing in horrible conditions both at sea and in the city. Each coat is individually quality-controlled by our skilled seamstresses.

Elegant Long Women's Rubber Raincoat-white
Stockholm Long White: SHOP NOW

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