ILSE JACOBSEN SoftShell Women’s Raincoat

Water-resistant Ilse Jacobsen Softshell Women’s Raincoat features princess seam detail for a tailored fit and100% Polyester SoftShell. Zip front with storm flap. Long sleeve SoftShell Women’s Raincoat with zip cuff. Hood with drawstring. Imported. Machine Wash.

Ilse Jacobsen Softshell Raincoat for Women
ILSE JACOBSEN Women’s Soft Shell Raincoat : BUY HERE

Ilse Jacobsen Softshell Raincoat Review

The fleece lining carries you comfortably to about 30 degree weather as there is room for a fairly thick sweater.
Kathleen Grossman | Fit: As expected

Expensive but so glad I got it and know I will always feel classy wearing it.
L. Czelusniak | Fit: As expected

Ilse Jacobsen SoftShell. After reading comments about fit and looking at the measurements guide I was able to get just the right size.
Ann K | Fit: As expected

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Ilse Jacobsen Raincoat Women's
ILSE JACOBSEN Women’s Soft Shell Raincoat Coat: BUY HERE

Great for windy, wet weather – lack of lining is problematic
By Hones on January 6, 2014
Overall, I love this coat – it was given to me as a gift about a year ago, and I have worn it A LOT in that time (and it still looks new). I find it to be true to size, although it definitely feels snug (but ok) when I wear a very thick sweater under it. I wear it spring, fall – and actually most of the winter (New York) as long as I’m not planning to be outdoors for hours (it’s comfy until the temp goes below freezing). I love that the sleeves are nice and long (something I always struggle with), and that this jacket is shaped to fit a woman’s body and accentuate curves. That said – if you have a fairly straight figure, I bet the hips of this jacket would stick out too much for you. I have a pretty curvy shape, and the curve allowed for my hips is still a little too much. My man loves the shapely way it looks, though, and that’s pretty rare! 🙂 My only complaint about this coat is that the felt-like inside of the fabric climbs up my legs when I am wearing corduroys (and many other fabrics). This is irritating and would make me NOT choose to wear this if I were going to be doing a lot of walking.

Ilse Jacobsen Women's Softshell Raincoat
ILSE JACOBSEN Women’s Soft Shell Raincoat: BUY HERE

Ilse Jacobsen – simply the best
By Kathleen Grossman on December 10, 2013
Size: 40Color: Black Verified Purchase
Bought my own Ilse Jacobsen softshell raincoat about 36 months ago – this one is a present for my sister who keeps threatening to steal mine. Best raincoat I’ve ever owned. Keeps you dry in very wet weather – the hood fastens in place and stays in place – no need for an umbrella. Also serves well as a windbreaker. The fleece lining carries you comfortably to about 30 degree weather as there is room for a fairly thick sweater. Zip pockets help keep the coat in shape.Read more...

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