NEW Waterproof Pea Coats For Women: Stutterheim Skeppsbron

Usually when you looking for a pea coats for women you are expecting to find womens peacoat made from wool. But not this time. New amazing waterproof pea coat made from rubberized cotton material is a designed as a classic pea coat.

Pea coat is originally designed as a sailor jacket and front is very similar to the double breasted trench coat.These woolen ladies coats became very popular because they can be paired with any other piece of clothes and they giving you a great silhouette. Military practical design of a pea coat women is giving you a freedom of movement and a great protection from any kind of weather. Waterproof pea coat for women is a completely new type of raincoat and you probably never seen something like this before. Pea coat is available in three colors: White, Black and Navy.

Waterproof Pea Coats For Women - Stutterheim Skeppsbron
SKEPPSBRON WHITE: No More Available!

SKEPPSBRON NAVY: No More Available!

SKEPPSBRON BLACK: No More Available!

Here is what they say about this new pea coats for women in Stutterheim:

The Skeppsbron pea coat for women is our interpretation of the classic peacoat; with a traditional, double breasted cut, but in the original Stutterheim rubberized cotton, the same material used for our iconic raincoats. Using the finest craftsmanship, materials and details, our raincoats have undergone severe testing in horrible conditions both at sea and in the city. Each coat is individually quality-controlled by our skilled seamstresses. Read more here..

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