Red Rubber Raincoat

If you want to keep simple and yet want to bee seen, red rubber raincoat is a perfect choice. Womens rain coat of a classic cut and bright red color.

The Arholma Red Rubber Raincoat

This is high quality red rubber raincoat for women made by Stutterheim, the famous Swedish raincoat makers. Actually it is unisex raincoat but the numbering goes down to the Size XXS. Like every other Stutterheim model this red colored raincoat is also handmade from the best rubberized cotton raincoat material by the skillful seamstresses. Featuring exclusive black cotton lining, black hemp strings and metal end stoppers. Every Arholma coat is signed by the seamstress who has hand-sewn it and every raincoat is numbered. Women model on the picture is 176 height and the raincoat is Size XS.

Red Rubber Raincoat for Women

This is a state-of-the-art model of the vintage rubber raincoat who was worn by many generations of Swedish fishermen. Fashion raincoats that are 100% waterproof with every seem in it’s place will also protect you from the strong wind and every other unpleasant element. These all weather coats are perfect and stylish protection whether you want to walk through the countryside or just stroll through the city. Heavy downpour or light rain, it will be same to you.

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