Rubber Raincoat for Women

Rubber raincoat for women is the perfect fashionable rubber rainwear that will protect you from wind, rain and other elements.

High Quality Rubber Raincoat

This popular ladies outerwear has changed significantly over the years. Back in 1822 Charles McIntosh invented his first rubber raincoat which is also known as Macintosh or Rubber Mac. Those first raincoats for women didn’t look so classy as they look today.

They were made from rubberized cloth which is basically his invention. He patented this rubberized cloth back in 1823 in Glasgow, Scotland. Material was basically a cotton with a layer of rubber coating on the inside. General idea for this material was to make a waterproof garment that can be wear during the storm and rainy days. This product, rubberized cotton raincoat, found the customers between English upper classes and they were used it for outdoor purposes like riding and fishing.

Very soon after the first rain Mack’s were produced, they became so popular that they spread over the Island, and later all over the world, in no time. Not only the Royalty was wearing those raincoats, but the ordinary people find their use in many occupations, mostly fishermen and harbor workers. Demand for the Macintosh invention raised and naturally production followed the trend over the time.

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New sorts of rubberized materials took places to ordinary rubberized cotton. Taffeta, satin, crepe and lighter weight cotton were used and rubberized to manufacture more efficient and more fluid waterproof raincoats. By that, rubber raincoats became more comfortable and practical outerwear that everyone simply wanted to have in their wardrobe, especially women. Popularity of rubber raincoats just increased over the time and today there is no color or style that is not designed and produced in the fashion world.

Best Rubberized Cotton Raincoats

Not so long time ago some of the best rubberized cotton raincoats are born in the Sweden. Perfect raincoats that are been tested and tried, proven in the real world conditions are fashionable raincoats made by Swedish raincoats makers called Stutterheim. Stutterheim raincoats are the modern version of the rubberized raincoats that are been used by the Swedish fishermen over the decades from now.

This brand became so popular that became a globally recognizable trend which seems are not going to stop spreading all over the globe. The secret behind is that every Stutterheim raincoat is a handmade raincoat and it is produced satisfying the highest demands, when it comes to quality, design and style. Rubber raincoat for women made by Stutterheim is the best raincoat that any women can wish for, for her fashion closet. True air to the original Macintosh is born.

Stutterheim Stockholm Raincoat

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The story behind the Stutterheim goes something like this:

Alexander Stutterheim, the founder of Stutterheim Raincoats is a man that had a vision based on the memories about his granddad. As he slowly reveling his story you can discover that his granddad was a fishermen who go out at the see every day, no matter the weather conditions. Stormy or sunshine wind or no wind he was out fishing for life, providing for his family. Even the heaviest rains or the worst thunderstorms could’t stop him in his doing. Every time when he was set out to the see, Alexander was scared to death that his granddad will not found his way home.

Time passed and Alexander became a man with his own family to take care about. One day, not so long time ago, he run into the old rubber raincoat that was thrown away in his barn. That fishermen coat was his granddad raincoat which he was wearing every time when he went fishing from Arholma, the Island in the Stockholm archipelago. Memories burst-ed through his head and Alexander felt sudden urge to immediately put this rain coat on himself.The idea was born and the rest is history. Read the excerpt from the original story:

After my discovery, I went out to buy a piece of oilcloth. I put it on the kitchen floor and cut out a design using the old coat as a pattern. I showed the sample to a couple of friends. And after some improvements, there it was – the 60‘s raincoat from the archipelago, updated to fit the modern man and woman.

I brought the prototype to the last standing textile factory in Sweden, in the small town of Borås – rainwear has long since been engulfed by the sportswear industry, and production moved to countries with lower costs far away. As soon as I met the manager, Johan Käll and the seamstresses, Birgitta and Lena, I knew they were the right people. A perfect match. With their skills, craftsmanship and great attention to materials and detail we realised our raincoats should be handmade. A great way to honour my grandad’s durable and practical raincoat.

And there it was. The coat. With all its seams taped and sealed. In the very best quality; handmade and with a discreet, classical cut. The first 200 coats – Arholma Svart – were made and sold in my apartment. Each coat was signed and numbered by the seamstress (they still are) to really make sure the quality matched the very highest of standards. Read the rest of the story here: Stutterheim Raincoats

Stutterheim Rubber Raincoat for Women

Every Stutterheim raincoat for women is handmade and numbered, perfect for any women or a girl who wants to have a beautiful coat that will make the statement every time she wear it. Numbers goes down to XX-Small so you can get the perfect fit for yourself. Numerous color combinations and designs really gives you a high quality choice and satisfaction. With the Free shipping Worldwide these rubber raincoats for ladies are recognizable all over the world. Sleek and simple design combined with functionality and style is everything that’s make a modern raincoats today. So pick the one for yourself and you will wear it with the smile on your face even when the nature throws their worst on you.

Arholma Black Rubber Raincoat for Women

The very first 200 coats we produced were Arholma Black, and we will never let it go. Using the finest craftsmanship, materials and details, the Arholma is a state-of-the-art version of the traditional raincoat worn by generations of Swedish fishermen (and the occasional genius film director). It is hand sewn at our factory in Europe by one of our skilled seamstresses. To meet our high standards and to guarantee that every coat is wind and water proof, every single seam is carefully sealed with tape. Finally, each coat is individually quality controlled, numbered and signed by the seamstress who has sewn it. This is the original color of the Arholma.

Arholma Black Rubber Raincoat for Women
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