Rubberized Cotton Raincoat For Ladies

Are you looking for best rubberized cotton raincoat for Ladies? You will be thrilled with this womens raincoat collection made from rubberized cotton fabric. Below this text you will find great rubberized cotton womens rain coat for the modern Lady and you can shop with confidence.

Brush Full Body Black Rubberized Cotton Raincoat
The Stockholm Brush Full Body Black rubberized cotton raincoat is handmade in rubberized cotton, unlined and with double welded seams. The finest craftsmanship is used to create this beautiful raincoat, here in our exclusive black surface material with dark metal buttons and hemp strings.
Rubberized Cotton Raincoat for Ladies
Brush Full Body Black Rubberized Cotton Raincoat: BUY

Womens Rubberized Cotton Raincoat by Stutterheim

Rubberized Womens Rain jacket The Södermalm Black Biker Jacket is the Stutterheim take on the classic biker model. Handmade in our iconic rubberized cotton, unlined and with welded seams, this short jacket comes in pitch black with silver zippers and dark metal buttons.

Rubberized Womens Rain jacket

Södermalm Black Biker Jacket: BUY

This waterproof rain jacket is the state of the art. Like all models of Stutterheim raincoats this rain jacket is also completely waterproof and made from best rubberized cotton.

The Öland Opal Black Cape – Rubberized Cotton Raincoat

The Öland Opal Black cape is handmade in our glossy rubberized Opal material. The finest craftsmanship is used to create this beautiful unisex style. It comes unlined and with double welded seams, and has wrist straps on the inside for cykling. Here in pitch black with dark metal buttons.

The Öland Opal Black Cape-Rubberized Cotton Raincoat

The Öland Opal Black Cape: BUY HERE

Ladies Rubberized Cotton Coat

This Jane Post Abbey A-line Coat With Velvet Detail is water-resistant coat with velvet sleeves and bejeweled buttons. Crew neckline and four-button front with long raglan sleeves and tabbed cuffs. Angled slit pockets. A-line silhouette. Made from Polyurethane/cotton/polyester with velvet: cotton/modaldetails. Polyester lining; dry clean.

Ladies Rubberized Cotton Coat

Jane Post Abbey A-line Rubberized Cotton Coat: BUY  

Jane Post Princess Raincoat with Detachable Hood

Black Jane Post raincoat high-gloss, water-repellant fabric. Spread collar; silver dome buttons. Detachable hood. Long sleeves. On-seam pockets. Polyurethane coating with polyester backing. Buttons: high-quality plastic. Polyester lining. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Jane Post Rubberized Raincoat with Detachable Hood, Black

Jane Post Rubberized Raincoat, $325, by Jane Post at Amazon: BUY HERE

More Jane Post Women’s Raincoats:

Rubberized Rain Gear for Ladies

Rain boots will be a nice addition to your new rubberized cotton raincoat!

What is Rubberized Cotton?

Rubberized Cotton is Natural Rubber/Cotton for use in rain/fashion wear & military survival suits

Rubberized Cotton Mackintosh. It has been claimed that the fabric was invented by the surgeon James Syme but then copied and patented by Charles Macintosh, however this reference is jejune and cites no supporting evidence. An exhaustive history of the invention of the mackintosh was published by Schurer in 1952. The essence of Macintosh’s process was the sandwiching of an impermeable layer of a solution of rubber in naphtha (derived from tar) between two layers of fabric. Syme did not propose the sandwich idea. Merely to waterproof garments with rubber was an old idea, and was practised in pre-Columbian times by Aztecs, who impregnated fabric with latex. Later, French scientists made balloons gas-tight (and incidentally, impermeable) by impregnating fabric with rubber dissolved in turpentine; however, this solvent was not satisfactory for making wearing apparel. Wikipedia

Rubber Coated Fabrics

“The proofing of textiles with rubber has its’ historical roots in the Manchester area, and Fothergill Polycom Ltd has been heavily involved at the forefront in the development of processes and products since 1911.” Read more..

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