Stutterheim Arholma White Raincoat


Stutterheim Arholma White Raincoat

Stutterheim Arholma White designer raincoat  is the best raincoat for women when it comes to a really great protection from water and wind. It is equally popular amongst both genders. Happy owners of this wonderful hooded raincoat says that it looks even better after it has been used a couple of months without washing – the patina really makes this coat to a nice companion when it gets dark and dreary. This waterproof raincoat comes in the original dusty white color with silver buttons and the lining made out of the very best cotton.

Stutterheim Arholma is a handmade raincoat like all raincoats in the Stutterheim production.



Stutterheim Arholma White Raincoat

Stutterheim Arholma White Raincoat: Get it Here


Without Gore-Tex , velcro and no mass production, this ladies raincoat has no straps or strings dangling from every seam. Stutterheim Arholma is the only raincoat you will ever need.


Stutterheim Raincoats Swedish Melancholy At Its Driest


Using the finest craftsmanship, materials and details, the Arholma is a state-of-the-art version of the traditional raincoat worn by generations of Swedish fishermen (and the occasional genius film director). It is hand sewn at Stutterheim factory in Europe by one of the best seamstresses. To meet  high standards and to guarantee that every coat is 100% wind and water proof, every single seam is carefully sealed with tape. Finally, each raincoat is individually quality controlled, numbered and signed by the seamstress who has sewn it. Stutterheim Arholma is available in white, black, green , yellow and navy color. If you are a fan of cool raincoats, Arholma is a definitely one to get.  Stutterheim Raincoats, Swedish Melancholy At Its Driest.

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