Trench Coats for Women


Trench Coats for Women

Now that we are well on our way into 2015 all the latest fashion trends for this year have been released back in September of 2014, and without surprise a popular favorite still remains; The Trench Coat. Even the hooded trench coat and particularly black trench coats for women are still in fashion and are unarguably the perfect all-round garment for any season or occasion. With popular colors such as beige is typically popular within the months of spring, or why not try a bold color such a yellow or white for summer? See more types of Raincoat for Women.



MICHAEL Michael Kors Trench Coat (Khaki) Women's Coat
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No matter what style or color to decide to choose, it seems that designer raincoats are here to stay, with their great sense of sleek style and the ability to reduce the shape of your body, especially if you choose the black color .

Long trench coats for women, especially the double breasted trench coat can offer a polished look, feel and finish to any outfit.

It’s never been so easy to buy the perfect trench coat or rain jackets for women

DKNY Long Double-Breasted Hooded Trench (Black) Women's Coat
DKNY Long Double-Breasted Hooded Women’s Trench, $163.00, Ships Free: Buy Here

Step 1. Choose the correct hemline for your body shape

Choosing a trench or rain coat that sits just above the knee or is somewhat short is a perfect length that is suitable for a wide range of different body shapes and figures. The longer your coat, the more it gives the impression of dragging down your body shape and frame, however a longer trench coat can always look smart or classy when teamed up with the right outfit, you just need to play it safe. However, anything around thigh length is perfect and looks great with a pair of denim jeans.

If you’re a lady with a shorter stature it may be wise to choose a shorter coat, this will stop you from looking drowned in fabric. However if you must wear a long trench coat, it’s highly recommended that you team up your look with a pair of high heels.

Step 2. Make sure you select the correct fit

It’s always important to ensure that you purchase the right size when it comes to trench coats. A coat or jacket that is too small can often be restricting and uncomfortable. Whereas a coat or jacket that is far too big will make you look drowned within the fabric. Make sure you take your measurements into consideration carefully, will you be wearing many layers under your jacket? If so a slightly bigger size may be required. But for everyday use, purchase a coat a jacket that is a perfect fit.

If you have purchased an expensive trench or rain coat but you have discovered that perhaps it doesn’t fit you as well as it should, you can always have it altered by a professional tailor for a reasonable price. Seeing a local tailor beats throwing a lovely jacket away!

Step 3. It’s important to be able to be comfortable and have fun with your jacket

A trench coat can look smart and classy with a range of different outfits and it shouldn’t be restricted to just dress pants or short floaty dresses. Trench coat for women go perfectly with skinny jeans, dresses and short skirts. Why not team up your look with a pair of ankle boots or ballerina pumps?